Creativity of the Mystic : Advanced Psychic Meditation Class with William Pacholski by Portland Psychic School

Creativity of the Mystic : Advanced Psychic Meditation Class with William Pacholski

A self-paced audio download online course. The Psychic Meditation Class is a pre-requisite. 

What is the Creativity of the Mystic?

As a creative person, you are on a mystic path. You may not have thought about it that way, but what a mystic is most concerned with is how their energy interacts with and influences the world around them. As an artist of any medium, you probably think a lot about how you create, and how it affects the world. You're a mystic. 

Psychic Meditation is an extra-ordinary meditation practice that is active, engaging, and offers tools and techniques to harness and put to use your creative spirit. In this class, which builds on the tools and techniques in our Psychic Meditation Class, we’ll be working some advanced concepts and applications of the basic tools - plus adding some new ones in that will excite and delight your creativity. 

This class will teach real, tangible, super natural meditation tools that you’ll feel and see the effect of right away - in your art, creative process, and life. Join me on this five week journey and learn how to connect directly to your own creative spirit in a way that accelerates growth as an artist and a visionary of any kind. 

Hello, I'm William - your guide on this journey into your most creative energy.

Learn a little bit about the class, what to expect, and the benefits of participating in this unique online course.

Join this online class from anywhere in the world, and participate when it is convienent for you.

This is a unique, global class that is taught by audio download.

Each week for five weeks, I'll drop 90 minutes of new content filled with information, supplemental material, conversation, and lecture. Each week you'll receive 5 guided meditations for you to practice on your own time.

Students in this course will also be given a complimentary 30 minute Psychic Reading Appointment on their Creativity as part of their enrollment.

Class 1 - Lightness of Being
In this class, we're going to work psychic meditation tools as a way of exploring how to lighten up your energy, to find your optimal creative vibration. Your creative spirit wants movement, ease, flow, and levity. Includes a couple of great guided meditations you can reuse whenever you're wanting to get into the creative mindset.

Class 2 - Exactitude of Spirit
Most people think of spirit as this sort of wishy washy thing; something without structure, boundary or definition. In this class, we'll work psychic meditation tools to create definition, structure, and exactitude so you can optimize your creative vibration and channel it into the things you are actively trying to create.

Class 3 - Complication & Simplicity
Most creatives get stuck in the flow between making things more interesting and editing. In this class, we'll work meditations around complicating and simplifying. When your spirit has seniority over the movement between enhancing and taking away, you know exactly when to do which.

Class 4 - Visibility & Essence
Most creatives hide. We're a sensitive bunch - and in this class, using psychic meditation tools, we'll work techniques to create space to be seen without hesitation and fear. We'll also work on refining and vibrating at the most truthful you - so you can be you, be seen, and be validated in your creativity.

Class 5 - Consistency & Truth
"It's no use going back to yesterday, because I was a different person then." - Alice in Wonderland
As a creative, you're always changing. Change is the comfortable place for the creative spirit. We'll work in this class on tools and techniques to not only manage your own process of change, but how to express and be seen in your truth moment by moment - and how to manage everyone's reaction to your constantly changing energy.

What's included?

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Welcome to Creativity of the Mystic!

William Pacholski

William is the Director of the Portland Psychic School. He teaches Meditation, Healing, Clairvoyance and offers Professional Readings & Healings in Portland and Online via Webcam to clients around the world. Make an appointment with him for a reading or healing, or to discuss your abilities and the School.  


How many classes are there?

Five 90 minute classes, which is about 7+ hours of content. 

Wait, how does this work?

Each week you get an email with a link to download or stream the class content. It will be broken up into parts (conversation, lecture, guided meditation), so you can go back and revisit the content whenever you want. 

How does the community group work?

When you sign up, you'll also get a link to join the Google Classroom Group for this class. All you need is a email address to join. In this group, you can post questions or read other people's comments about the class experience, and learn from their experience too. 

What else do I need to know?

You'll also receive a discount code for a 30 minute reading with William on your creative energy. (a $95 value)