Planetary Healing Workshops - Spiritual Activism #2 - Conscious Action, Agreements, and Us vs. Them in Healing by Portland Psychic School

Planetary Healing Workshops - Spiritual Activism #2 - Conscious Action, Agreements, and Us vs. Them in Healing

The Planetary Healing : Spiritual Activism Workshops are a series of monthly guided meditation workshops led by Kris Cahill. Since they present advanced tools and topics, they are available as an audio download and recommended to any student who has completed The Psychic Meditation Class

Everywhere you go the energy you bring with you affects the space and events around you. The spirit of how you show up in life changes the overall energy happening in any space you inhabit - work, family, socially, and spiritually. 

Planetary Healing is about being the change you wish to see in the world, but also being active in creating healing for those around you. If you know how to work with psychic tools and how to have your space in a way that is healing for you, you create a beautiful effect on those around you without doing a thing.

When you become conscious to what is happening around you, and how you relate to these energies, the energy that was stuck in places you inhabit starts to move. The more space you embrace, the more movement happens. 

Another way of saying this is that consciousness is personal, but it doesn’t stay within you, it spreads. Your consciousness is a powerful healing energy, and you can direct it to help create change in the world. Your own healing can be a healing for those around you.

You become a healer for the planet by healing your own energy first. Planetary Healing is about having your energy and space set in a way that helps you become a better leader, communicator, and healer both for your own mockups, but also as a way of giving to those around you - including everyone.

These workshops will work with practical meditation tools to cover these topics and more:
  • Working with your spirit to bring healing to you, the people around you, and even the planet as a whole.
  • How bringing your energy and spirit more consciously into your body is a healing revolution.
  • Belonging and the right to take up space without having to adjust your energy in consideration of others.
  • Having your space with the energy of change; making yourself safe during times of transformation - inner and outer.

What's included?

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