The Planetary Healing Workshops - Spirit + Money #2 - Havingness, Creativity & Money by Portland Psychic School

The Planetary Healing Workshops - Spirit + Money #2 - Havingness, Creativity & Money

The Planetary Healing Workshops : Spirit + Money are a series of monthly advanced meditation workshops led by Kris Cahill. Since they present advanced tools and topics, there is a pre-requisite for participating students of The Psychic Meditation Class

Planetary Healing is about being the change you wish to see in the world, but also being active in creating healing for those around you. If you know how to work with psychic tools and how to have your space in a way that is healing for you, you create a beautiful effect on those around you without doing a thing. These workshops series are designed to bring a detailed awareness of psychic energy on a particular topic. 
Using Psychic Meditation tools, you can bring your powerful, creative spirit and psychic awareness to one of the most important areas of your life - your money space!
Whether you embrace or resist it, love or hate it, or love to hate it, money is part of your daily life.

Money inspires pictures, baggage, emotions, judgments, rules, and limitations that affect nearly every other aspect of your life. Money is a game we are all in agreement to play.

You grew up with certain rules and expectations around money, conscious or not. You are judged by your money - how much of it you have or don’t have, what you earn, and even what you do to earn your money. There’s energy that says that there’s only so much of it to go around. Other energies insist that only some people get to have it.

Judgments about value and money are part of your daily decision making. Your body needs money, and so does your spirit. Some of this is conscious, and some is unconscious.

Who decides what money is, and how it is for you? What happens when you choose consciously in your own relationship to money?

When you bring your psychic abilities and awareness into your own money space, you can change what isn’t in present time for you in that space. When you change the energy in your money space, you can create a peaceful relationship with money.

You will learn tools and skills in this class to help you create your money space to work for you:
  • RELATIONSHIP WITH MONEY: You already have a relationship with money, and can create a more conscious one. Clear out the energy that gets in the way of having a healthy money relationship.

  • SPACE WITH MONEY: Have your space with money, whether it’s yours or how others deal with money on earth. Money as an energy in your space.

  • EMOTIONS AND MONEY: Money brings along a whole range of emotions, and can feel like a roller coaster at times. Release judgments in your money space, and in your own space.

  • NON-RESISTANCE AND MONEY: Whether you resist money or embrace it, money brings up a lot of resistance on earth. Clear the resistance, find forgiveness.

  • SCARCITY AND PROSPERITY: Status, value, scarcity, prosperity, and other ways to work with money.

  • AGREEMENTS AND MONEY: Spiritual agreements are part of everything in life, including and especially money. Create the agreements you want to have in your money space.

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